Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Your New Practice

Your New Practice

Wondering how to get started in private practice- or where on earth to start, overwhelmed with a million details?

There is a great deal to learn as a new practice owner, including getting your clinical confidence when you work all on your own. However, much of what you need for lasting success is related to becoming a good manager.

Clinical programs don’t routinely instruct students in the business of developing a practice, and even when classes are offered, it’s hard to focus on these details when you’re still in school.

Put simply, you’ll need to figure out how to find clients, provide excellent service and collect your fee. Then repeat, over and over…

At this stage in your practice development, you’re probably focused on filling your calendar and making a living.

Most therapists see this as a matter of getting enough new clients, and that is understandable, but Creative Therapists realize there is more to it than just the numbers of new people coming into work with you.

If you’d like help for starting your new practice in a concise, simple format, read about my e-book “Your New Practice: Shortcuts for Startups” here.

Ready for a more interactive experience through a tele-class and workbook?

With help from the Create a New Practice program, you’ll do things differently from most clinicians:

Handle appointment inquiries effectively from the start, to keep your calendar full

New networking skills will bring you confidence and ease.

Learning how to create new referral sources will assure you of financial success and professional recognition

Retain the clients you have, until they achieve the results they sought

Define the value and uniqueness of your particular services

Identify your goals and create a detailed action plan

Develop ethical and professional marketing ideas

Manage your financial tasks efficiently, so money is coming in and you can keep up with your expenses