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Success Stories

Success Stories

Read about colleagues’ results and satisfaction:  Kate’s class rocks!!!!!!! Her class is very practical and super-helpful. Take whatever she gives you and run like the wind!

She has offered me some very sound advice in starting my business as a counselor.

I used to think marketing/networking was just handing your business card out to as many people as possible! I didn’t know what I was doing, only that it was not fun!

Now I have a much better idea of how to market myself and my services in a variety of creative ways- it can actually be very enjoyable.

My client base has doubled in the last year, directly due to what I learned in our work.

Kate is really gifted as a business coach! I would recommend her wildly creative, yet thoroughly practical coaching to any business owner. Karen Joy Campbell, LCSW | Profile  Kate’s coaching offers a great professional development opportunity. I increased my practice from 3 clients per week to 12 per week in one month, and 18 clients a week        within 3 months (after trying for a year and a half to do that!) During the time I coached with her, I hit 3 records since I began my practice:

• I saw a record number of clients (18.5 hrs with a goal of 20/wk);
• I made my highest-thus-far bank deposit; and
• I had zero cancellations!!

When I started, I had 3 clients. I believe the most clients I had seen prior to our work together was 10 or 11. The 5th week I saw 12 clients, and my practice keeps growing. I credit your coaching directly for that!! Thank you!

Margie Chance, LPC |

I am getting clients from new referral sources!  The energy is really ‘there’ in a way that it wasn’t before. I feel more excited and positive about my practice than ever before, and I know that Kate’s coaching was the catalyst. Because I tended not to think of my therapy practice as the small business that it is, Kate’s practical wisdom, offered both by personal example and a comprehensive knowledge base, opened doors where I didn’t realize they existed.

Her genuine interest in my success, and her concern that I was receiving what would be helpful to me, made the group process fit with my individual needs.  My practice, my business, has grown substantially since I completed Kate’s coaching, and I am sure that it created the shift in energy that has led me in directions that were unknown before.

Kate’s engaging warmth and humor allowed me to relax into what might otherwise have been an arid experience.  I can easily recommend Kate McNulty’s coaching to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of business in the context of the world we live and work in, and to those who want to ignite a flame within them that can lead to the success they desire.  Attracting perfect clients is an art form Kate understands.

Ken Andert, LCSW | Profile  I just want to put in a strong recommendation for Kate’s class. I took this class several years ago when I was re-starting my practice after a couple of years off.

It was invaluable!

Kate offered exactly what I needed as I re-started a private practice. She is full of support and information about ethical ways to market, even for an introvert!

She gave me the tools and confidence to re-build a practice; one that stimulates my creativity and is unique to me.

Perhaps most importantly, I learned and even embraced the idea that I’ll need to spread the word about my practice as an ongoing activity.

I no longer feel that this is a chore, as I have already met many wonderful people by networking.

Kate lives in a state of true abundance, emphasizing that there is enough need in the community for what each of us has to offer, and that marketing is necessary to let colleagues and potential clients know what we can provide for them.

Even though I had been in practice previously for many years, I still struggled with how best to respond to new prospects, tracking referrals, establishing and communicating about fees, and finding ways to develop multiple revenue streams; but now I feel in command of these issues. Kate has also helped me in taking advantage of “guerilla marketing” opportunities which have filled my groups, and I now maintain a waiting list.

Kate is a living example of what she teaches. I’m inspired by her marketing style, which is assertive and confident but never aggressive.

Serena Barton, Counselor and Artist |

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  When I first met Kate McNulty I had already set up a business, a couple of them actually, and came from a background in finance; but structuring and marketing a new   endeavor was surprisingly confusing.

Our coaching really helped me use my business intuition and focus on identifying a specialization. She reinforced some skills I already had, and gave me the fine tuning to apply my knowledge to my new career.

Through Kate’s coaching, I learned how to play to my strengths, and  quickly doubled my caseload. Within the year I had a consistently full practice.

Brian Farr |

Kate and I created greater organization and profitability in my business through identifying what to do, when. I am so happy with the improvements I experienced by taking some time to focus on looking at what works, and picking the most reliable ways to promote, price and sell my paintings.

I have become much more productive in actually making work, instead of draining my energy away by constantly feeling hassled about how to make money.

Kate keeps the pressure on- kindly, and always in your own best interests. She knows how to get RESULTS!

Scott Johnson |

Working with Kate was very informative, and a great way to get me thinking about aspects of developing a business that I was unlikely to think of on my own.

Kate provided me with the information and structure to advance my thinking and planning of my practice, giving me an opportunity to further define my interests and the   type of clients I would like to work with.

I also broke through some old beliefs and stereotypes, and through our work was able to align my identities as both a good clinician and also an owner becoming good at  business. I now have a thriving business that I love.

Consu Tolosa, Art Therapist |