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Is This You?

Is This You?

I work with mental health professionals who are trying to make a good living in private practice. I provide the business knowledge you were never exposed to in your clinical training.

You probably know people who’ve opened a practice and then couldn’t seem to figure out how to find enough clients; or people who can’t find the clients they truly enjoy working with.

I teach business planning and marketing principles that provide the framework for building a solid practice, so you find the creative freedom you envisioned when you  first had the idea of working for yourself.

If you’re excited about independent practice, and realize you’ll need more than clinical expertise to be financially and professionally successful, you’ve come to the right place.

My clients include clinicians who are new to private practice, who are growing a small practice into a larger one, or who want to create a more stable income base and expand their services.


Are some of these statements true for you?


“I love the work once I am sitting with the client in the office. It’s filling up all the blank spaces in my calendar that seems impossible.”


“Struggling with missed appointments, unpaid accounts, and all the people who want a free session and then never call back; it’s a big headache. I keep networking, and spend a bunch of money on advertising, but I don’t believe marketing actually works for this kind of business.”


”Going out on my own would be exciting, but I have to stay at my agency job because I need health coverage. My job just keeps getting more demanding though, and I’m not sure how long I’ll last. Maybe I need to go back to school to learn some other kind of work.”


“I know I’m effective and really do help people, but the constant worry about making enough money from my practice is draining my energy for my clients, and for other parts of my life too. It’s like what I tell my clients, you want to move from ‘surviving’ into ‘thriving’- but I’m honestly not sure how to do it myself.” 


“My practice is coming along. I’m patching together some referrals and have some sliding scale clients. I can get by on the money I’m making, but I guess my income just won’t leave much for luxuries.”



Would this service fit for you?


You are likely to benefit from our services if:


You are devoted to the idea of providing high-quality services tailored to individual client needs. Your integrity and best clinical services are the foundation of all you do.


You want to better articulate the value of the services you offer. The possibility of achieving clarity about exactly how we help people heal and change sparks your personal and professional curiosity.


You are ready to reckon with the realities of practicing in today’s cultural and economic climate.  As you ask your clients to do, you are willing to step out of your “comfort zone” and take on some new challenges.  


You desire the professional freedom to establish financial goals and structure your work life. You are committed to creating a practice that is intellectually rewarding, gives you room to grow, and maintains your autonomy.