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Your Private Practice Questions Answered


How does a Practice Advisor help?

An experienced advisor can fill in knowledge gaps; help you see your blind spots; save you money on your business; get clear on where you’re stuck and what to do about it; uncover obstacles that are getting in your way; support you in mastering your psychology; or bring your focus and attention to priorities, next steps and big picture.

Doesn’t this get expensive?

One of the foundational concepts of business ownership is the principle of ROI, Return on Investment. Estimating how much money you are likely to make from a spending decision is key to knowing how you can make intelligent choices about where to invest. Practice owners I work with typically experience a 20-30% increase in their profit in the first year, so you can weigh that against what you would pay for the service, and then you will know whether this can be considered expensive or worthwhile.

How do I know I’ll get results?

I provide an Unconditional Happiness Guarantee, so if anything doesn’t satisfy you in the first 30 days we’re working together, you will receive a full refund.

I want you to be completely happy with this service, and won’t settle for anything less.

Is this about positive thinking?

There is certainly nothing wrong with thinking positively, visualizing, or using affirmations; any great achievement begins with an idea. Getting clear on your goals goes beyond simple positive thinking though. Practice advising is focused on strategy and action, not just thinking about things.

Do you help people at my stage of practice development?

I am a good match for people who are starting a new solo practice or expanding a practice. I’ve worked with those who are hiring office help for the first time; some people I work with are adding to an established clinical staff and building a group practice. The larger businesses I have worked with have up to 20 employees. Prior to becoming self-employed, I managed departments of about that size.

How can you help me if you haven’t done the same kind of therapy that I do?

Through my 14 years as a successful practice owner, I have mastered and applied a body of knowledge that fits all kinds of businesses. I have worked with people in diverse service industry and retail settings and helped them get great results. There are certain procedures to follow, principles and concepts that yield predictable outcomes. I also just love and have a great deal of passion, enthusiasm and curiosity about business and practice development.

Moving into advising health care entrepreneurs has allowed me a mid-life career transition, so I bring a lifetime of experience to this work. Ask me- you may be surprised at what fields I am familiar with!

Aren’t growing pains inevitable in any business?

Well, growth causes us to have to deal with an unfamiliar set of conditions. Whether it has to cause pain or not is another matter! Growth in all kinds of business can be challenging but it is also exciting, and a sign that we are doing something right. Supporting practitioners in growing and expanding beyond their “comfort zone” is an opportunity I find very rewarding and fun!

Still wondering if I may be able to help you, or someone you know?

There are free articles you can read on the site, or take a look at these Success Stories.
We can also just go ahead and schedule a free Practice Development Strategy Session. I save a few spots in my schedule each month to talk to practitioners and hear about their needs. Depending on my schedule, we’ll match up a time as soon as we can.